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Now Trace mobile number from 688.02 millions GSM and CDMA subscribers distributed amongst 23 mobile circles and provided by 21 mobile operators.

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1971480747*3 tracesxxx.6.x.944 seconds agoTrace
276576543141 tracesxx.162.xx.12028 seconds agoTrace
3821283814*4 traces251.x.66.xxx29 seconds agoLocate
495776763781 tracesx.181.113.xxx43 seconds agoTrack
575074418674 tracesxx.149.53.xx48 seconds agoLocate
684223514973 seconds agoTrace

Indian Mobile Operators

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21 mobile operators provide cellular services through out India. Airtel (Bharti Airtel Ltd.) being the industry leader has 196.60 millions subscribers followed by Vodafone (Vodafone Essar Ltd.) which has a subscriber base of 158.03 millions.

IDEA (Idea Cellular Ltd.) comes next with a figure of 128.41 millions subscribers. Then comes our Indian state owned BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.) which has a subscriber base of 97.17 millions. Our mobile number tracker software can trace any Indian mobile number provided by any of operators & you can find location of mobile number in simple way.

Indian Mobile Circles

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All Indian mobile numbers are divided amongst 23 mobile circles. Uttar Pradesh (E) (Uttar Pradesh (East) Telecom Circle.) is the largest circle and has 60.08 millions subscribers. Maharashtra (Maharashtra Telecom Circle (includes Goa but excludes Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Kalyan)) has a subscriber base of 56.64 millions closely followed by Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh Telecom Circle.), which has 53.40 millions subscribers.

Bihar & Jharkhand (Bihar & Jharkhand Telecom Circle.) comes next with a subscriber base of 49.27 millions. You can track a mobile location within any mobile circle and get all details by doing a free cell phone number trace. provides an easy and free interface to trace India mobile number. This mobile location tracker gives all the details along with location on map easily. You can even get our mobile number tracer feature for your website, so your visitors can track Indian mobile number right from your website. If you like this phone tracker website, do spread the word amongst your friends.

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